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Whether you’re taking an at-home workout class or just working from home, staying hydrated is crucial for your health and wellbeing — and drinking enough water is slightly easier when you have a water bottle on hand. While we’ve written about lots of water bottles — including editor-approved water bottles and the next status water bottle — here, we’ve rounded up the best water bottles, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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9 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers for Making the Perfect Cup Right at Home

Not to be dramatic or anything, but in order for me to survive the day, I'll need my daily cup of coffee. (And by "cup," I mean approximately five cups or more.) You can call me your basic, coffee sippin' gal, but the power of a good cold brew just can't be beat. And now that we're all spending more time at home, being able to walk to my kitchen for my daily caffeine intake is a luxury that I must bestow upon the masses. Cold brew coffee makers. I'm talking about sharing with you the best cold brew coffee makers on the market.

The best cold brew coffee makers of 2021

CNN) —  

There’s something revitalizing about an icy glass of caffeinated brew. For many, iced coffee is the coffee of choice, regardless of season or weather. There are several ways to make a delicious iced coffee, from simply chilling leftover hot coffee or making double-strength hot and pouring it over ice, to adding freshly pulled espresso to ice or creating a fun occasion-worthy frozen coffee. But for some coffee lovers, their tried-and-true iced method is cold brew.

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A FlipLock lid mug that'll fit perfectly under your single-serve brewer and in most cup holders. Is this mug the perfect fit for your lifestyle? Why yes, I believe it is!